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If you’re looking for a quick way to install a printer driver, you can use Xerox Smart Start Driver Installer. You can download it from the internet using your default web browser. Just be sure to elevate your administrator privileges before downloading this file. Once downloaded, open the file with your default web browser and click on the “Install” button. Once installed, the printer driver is now ready for use.

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  • Intersegment net revenue includes commissions and other payments made by Xerox’s FITTLE financing segment to the print and other segment for the lease of Xerox equipment placements.
  • Fostering positive open cultures that support curiosity is a fundamental building block.
  • Here files are imported from the controller on the device from up to 46 mailboxes and four FTP locations.

In May 2011, HP released a Global Responsibility report covering accomplishments in 2010. It provides a comprehensive view of HP’s global citizenship programs, performance, and goals and describes how HP used its technology, influence, and expertise to make a positive impact on the world. The company’s 2009 report won best corporate responsibility report of the year, and claims HP decreased its total energy use by 9 percent when compared with 2008.

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For some Windows OS versions you have the option to install the full feature or the basic driver for this Xerox printer. However, if you decide to install the basic driver, then you will install only the printer and scanner drivers of this printer. Using the right driver installation process is as important Read more as choosing the right driver.

Then look at other desktop oriented distros, such as Mandriva, which pushes “ease of use” as well as features, into the stratosphere. They buy a computer, Windows happens to be there they think it’s alright. More people are wanting an alternative as Windows becomes more of a hassle to maintain. MS was supporting the mac before windows ever shipped. First people must be made aware of the alternatives and be offered them as an option.


When the machine jams in the print engine and is still attached to the paper roll, it can be difficult to remove if not done properly. A manual paper cutter built into the machine or a button that activates the automatic feed and cut system that can be accessed when the clam shell is open could simplify removing this type of jam. • We would like to see the scanner document cover stay attached to the machine rather than the ability to completely remove it. While completely removing it allows for better access to jammed originals, keeping the cover attached would prevent any accidental damage to the cover and or scan glass while removing and replacing it. • A self contained toner cartridge might be a better way to Driversol guarantee a mess free toner replacement system.

Today, most OS’s work well enough that people forget they cared about them before. Getting people excited about saving an hour here and there is hard; they don’t care. Iii) as compared to commercial closed-source companies, commercial OSS distributors will need to continously re-invent themselves and improve their products to stay attractive due to the nature of their software packages. This makes it very difficult for any single GNU/LInux company to become an Apple or Microsoft replacement – if software is free or cheap, you can not expect the same locked-in user loyalty.